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Application of Stone, Ceramics and Concrete

Application of Stone, Ceramics and Concrete

Diamond tools play an important role in the processing of stone, ceramics and concrete. Their processing methods mainly including sawing, grinding and polishing etc.  At present,some hard and brittle material like the stone mainly used the various kinds of diamond tools to cutting and sawing because of the excellent performance on the application for the stone and other materials.


yellow color, semi-blocky shape, sharp cutting edges higher purity, all its characteristic balance the wheel life and cutting efficiency. It is ideal for low cutting force application.


Monocrystalline diamond, macro fracture mode, blocky shape with sharp edges, lower inner impurity, medium toughness, economic type. Its characteristics make this
type of diamond balance the efficiency and tools life and also considerable the cost pressure.


Single crystal diamond, irregular shape, thick plate crystal, multi-sharp edge angle, high purity, taking into account the service life and grinding efficiency of products. It can be used for grinding wheels and diamond abrasive belts when the grinding efficiency is required.


Polycrystalline diamond, micro fracture mode, irregular shape with multi micron grade sharp cutting edges, good self-sharpening ability. Its characteristics make this type of
diamond can continuously generate sharp grinding edges which bring good efficiency and better for dry grinding.


It is coming from RBV-FS. It is gray and white color. It's excellent self-sharpen characteristic brings perfect gloss


It is coming from RVD-B. Medium toughness. It is yellow green and white color, Economic grade. Very low proportion of plates.


Yellow-green to white, with sharp edges, high grinding efficiency. It is widely used for cutting and throwing hard materials.